Busy, Busy, 1st Term Vet student

Just a quick update. I know I havent posted in awhile and thats mainly because its a lot of work getting adjusted to life at vet school. I have had to change my study habits around which doesnt let me use the computer as much as I would like to. I will be posting more often once I get through these 2nd round of tests coming up.

Just a quick word of advice to prospective Veterinary Students out there. It is ALOT of work. Think you studied alot in Undergrad? Think again. I am pulling something like 60+hrs/week on school. This includes class time and study time. You really have to study like they tell you in undergrad orientation. Prep for class, review after class, and review the whole week on the weekends or you will get behind. In the end though it is a blast. Everyone is in it together and when there is a chance to go and grab a drink all your classmates have the same schedule and can go with you. Id say the ratio of School:Party is something like 6:1. Not too shabby.

The best thing you can do to keep your sanity is to dedicate a night (a whole day is better) to do nothing school related. I like to go snorkeling, sleep on the beach, hike, go to a bar, or just watch tv in your underwear all day. After a hard week your brain literally feels like you have been flexing it for a week. You need a release. If you do not it will have negative effects on your body and mind.
Petting a pothound helps relieve stress.

I will try to write more often. Im sure after years of writing on this I will have accumulated some sort of helpful links. One can only hope. Send any suggestions to me if you have anything you would like to say.
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